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epiAge epigenetic age test

epiAge epigenetic age test

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    • Your chronological and biological age differ
    • Epigenetic changes can be measured(R)
    • Increased epigenetic age is said to be a stimulus for change(R).
    • Your biological age can be reduced by changing your lifestyle(RRR)
    • Find out where you stand with your epiAge test!

Determine your biological age

The epiAge test enables a precise determination of your biological age. Your biological or so-called epigenetic age tells you how your body has aged until now. This will help you draw conclusions about the state of your health: if your biological age is lower than your actual age, it means you are on the right track to staying healthy in the long term – even in old age. If your epigenetic age is higher than your chronological age, it may be time to adjust your lifestyle. Exercising, fasting, a healthier diet or reducing nicotine and alcohol consumption can have a very positive effect on your ageing process. The epiAge test will provide you with the impetus to overcome these hurdles more easily.

The epiAge test is carried out by analysing so-called methylation markers around your DNA. All that is required is a small saliva sample. The epiAge test kit enables you to collect it quickly and easily before sending it back to us for the laboratory analysis. You will receive the assessment and your test result within 4 weeks.

Once your epigenetic age has been determined, you can precisely check the effectiveness of your health-inducing measures with a follow-up test since the epiAge test offers very high accuracy thanks to its high-tech sequencing methodology. It is also an ideal gift for anyone who wants to regain control over their life and health.

More details about EpiAge Genetic test

What is the difference between biological and chronological age?

Biological age provides an indication about how quickly the body has aged. This can differ significantly from person to person. Various factors play a role in this discrepancy. Surprisingly, however, a person’s inherited genes only play a limited role in this process whereas lifestyle and environmental factors are much more decisive. Chronological age, on the other hand, is measured in years and says little about the state of the body

What should I be aware of when carrying out the test?

Please follow the instructions in your epiAge test kit carefully. As an epigenetic age determination method, the epiAge test is carried out in a high-tech laboratory, using a state of the art scientific approach. This means that an insufficient or contaminated sample can cause your test to fail or present an inaccurate result.

How long will it last until I get my test result?

The epiAge test usually takes 4 weeks after you have sent your sample back to us. In exceptional cases, there may be a delay.

How often can i use a test to monitor the effectiveness of my lifestyle changes?

An epiAge follow-up test can be carried out at any time and it is even recommended that the epigenetic age be tested regularly. It can be used to monitor lifestyle interventions and anti-ageing measures. We recommend a period of 6 months between two tests. However, thanks to high accuracy, shorter intervals are also possible, for example, after significant lifestyle or diet changes have been made.

What does my test result mean?

Your test result represents your epigenetic age. The epigenetic age provides information about how fast or slowly you have aged biologically compared to the general population. You are 53 but feel like you are in your mid-40s? Your epigenetic test result can substantiate your gut feeling with scientific facts. If the opposite is true, you should consider changing your lifestyle and diet to stay dynamic and energetic.

Will my genetic data be stored?

No: Neither we nor our partner laboratory store genetic data. Only methylation markers on your DNA are analysed. Once the analytical process has been completed, your sample is destroyed

  • Accurate and user-friendly

    State of the art DNA research embedded in a user-friendly consumer product

  • Make your health data-driven

    Make informed health changes based on the state of your individual DNA.

  • Quick delivery and results

    Simple instructions, quick answer

Biological Age with EpiAge

Ever wondered if your body is aging faster or slower than your chronological age? EpiAge epigenetic age test brings cutting-edge science to your doorstep, offering a glimpse into your biological age through advanced epigenetic analysis. By examining the methylation patterns of your DNA, EpiAge provides valuable insights into your true cellular age, helping you understand how lifestyle, environment, and genetics converge to influence your aging process. Discover the power of knowledge and take the first step towards personalized wellness and longevity strategies tailored just for you.

Empower Your Health Journey with Precision

The EpiAge epigenetic age test isn't just another health test; it's a powerful tool in your wellness arsenal. This innovative test empowers you with precise data about your biological aging, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle. Whether you're looking to optimize your wellness routine, assess the impact of your lifestyle choices, or simply gain a deeper understanding of your body's aging process, EpiAge delivers the insights you need to take control of your health with confidence.

A New Era of Personalized Wellness Awaits

In the quest for longevity and vitality, one size does not fit all. EpiAge introduces you to the future of personalized wellness, where your epigenetic age informs tailored lifestyle interventions. From nutrition and exercise to stress management and sleep optimization, understanding your biological age with EpiAge enables you to focus your efforts where they matter most, ensuring that your journey towards a healthier, longer life is as effective as it is enlightening.

Science-Backed, User-Friendly, and Secure

EpiAge stands at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, combining state-of-the-art scientific research with user-friendly testing procedures. Our commitment to privacy and data security means your genetic information is handled with the utmost care, ensuring a secure and confidential experience. With a simple, non-invasive sample collection process, EpiAge makes cutting-edge epigenetic testing accessible to everyone, bringing the future of personalized health and longevity right into your hands.

Transform Your Life with Actionable Insights

Beyond merely revealing your biological age, EpiAge equips you with actionable insights to transform your health and wellbeing. Our comprehensive report not only explains your results in clear, understandable terms but also provides personalized recommendations to help slow down your aging process. By bridging the gap between science and practical application, EpiAge empowers you to make lifestyle changes that have a real, lasting impact on your health, vitality, and longevity. Embrace the journey of aging with grace, armed with the knowledge and tools to influence your future well-being positively.

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